Our words are seeds, when planted and watered grows to be great. We ( I and my family), started out our year with Psalm 92 and in these verses birthed the theme of the year which is ‘my Year of Flourishing’. Indeed, we have flourished beyond our imaginations and God showed himself to be true. For example, I have in this year been through difficult and challenging times and I pulled through.

First of, I lost my Job on the 9th of February, 2017 while I was nearly in the second trimester of my pregnancy. I was so devastated because I was wondering how I was going to cope without an income in the abroad. But above it all, I pulled through by God’s grace, I coped and I am still coping.

Also, in the cause of my pregnancy they discovered I had a rare genetic disorder, where I have tiny red blood cells. I was so anemic to the point where doctors and midwives who saw me were perplexed at how I wasn’t fainting on the regular. My iron level was so low to the point where I had two Infusions. But to God’s glory,  the red blood cell disorder (Alpha Thalassemia) is not life threatening as such.

Inorder not to flog my not so happy moments in this post, I would be giving a brief highlight of my 2017. 09-01-2017- I lost my Job, 09-07-2017- I had my baby and 01-11-2017- I started my youtube channel, 26-11-2017- my baby got baptised/christened, and 31-12-2017- I am typing comfortably on my bed with a grateful heart.

Lastly,  I would love to bring new dimensions to my blog posts. Firstly, I will change my blog name from ‘pam d’coque’s blog’ to ‘Pamokoye’s blog’. Secondly, instead of random stories that I usually tell on my blog, my stories would center mainly on my son and I. Thirdly, as I now have a Youtube channel(Pamela Okoye) and a blog, I would try as much as possible to be consistent with my posts come 2018.


I love you all, see you in 2018 and remain in GOD!


What Employers seek in employees

I was opportuned amongst many to facilitate an important seminar hosted by a friend Gentle Eyisi on the 30th of september 2017. I would leave a link of his facebook page below, please check out it out.


I was particular about transferring a wealth of knowledge on ‘what employers seek in employees’. On that day, I had my notes carefully drafted waiting to be shared with so many lovely people on the platform. So today, i am most delighted to share my notes with you. I hope you would learn one or two things employers seek in you as a potential employee.



**********Hi everyone, my name is Pamela. I’m sure you know that from my profile.

**********Hope you all had a good day?


This is quite an unorthodox way to deliver a presentation, LOL, but I’ll try and make it as interactive and lively as possible.My understanding is that everyone here is either looking for a Job or hoping for a career change and on this premise I am making a presentation on “What employers want from employees”.

There are a lot of qualities that employers look for in a candidate; however they are also mindful that candidates have aspirations as well when looking for a place to work. For example, most candidates look for work in organisations that are oil servicing, big 4 consulting, multinationals and financial services. Most candidates will pick Shell over NTA, or Delloitte & Touche over a shop in Iweka road.

That being said, I can go on a say the qualities employers look for in a candidate in a selection process range from a good education, great results, a degree that is relevant to their business and experience.When it gets to the recruitment process, they look for things like analytical ability, resourcefulness, adaptability, relational skills, commercial awareness, team player etc.

Above all an employer wants an employee that will stay with their organisation for a long time. No employer wants to invest in an employee that is buying time for the next big opportunity, so they try to poke with questions to know if you feel you are overqualified, too big for the role or one that likes the job you are interviewed for. An example question you can get at an interview is “where do you see yourself in 5 years” a right answer to this question will be “I see myself as a manager in this organisation” a wrong answer will be “I see myself running my own business” though this shows ambition, a trait they would like in the organisation, it gives the impression that you are just training yourself in their organisation and they are not interested in training anyone that will carry tacit organisational knowledge and likely be their competitor someday.

A CV for a candidate is equal to a complimentary card for a business person. It projects you in your absence and speaks volume about you and who you are as an individual.This is why it is very important that your CV is catchy in layout and captivating with the right buzzwords. Just like a complimentary card if it does not catch your attention you are likely to misplace it no matter who gives it to you. 70% of human communication is nonverbal which means you don’t have to say a thing to be liked or disliked and the same thing happens with your CV.

A recruiter with limited time and resources going through applications for a role will be drawn to CV’s they feel fit the job and person specification, which means your CV has to be liked by a person with idiosyncrasies and no matter how objective the recruitment process might be human beings are always subjective. So I recommend having the CV that perfectly reflects the Job you really need and variants of that CV tweaked for the jobs you apply for.

Practical advice for your CV is that it should not be more than 2 pages long or 3 at the most, not have more than 5 years of work experience, rather than have your responsibilities listed, write a story of about your role stating your successes on the role or achievement. An example will be “responsible for posting of staff salaries monthly and reduced the time for this task from 1 day to 5 hours”. Things like this show you are a thinker and a problem solver. Having certifications is a good way to get ahead as well and stating this on your CV will get you noticed real quickly.


A good CV should have your name clearly written at the top of the CV with your contact details just below it so you can be easily reached, when opportunity presents itself. You don’t need to state your local government, date of birth or secondary school. Use 12 point font well-spaced and a font that is easy to read not something italicised.Once you scale through the recruitment and interview phases and you are now on the JOB, the expectation is different. You will notice that all your employer wants is for you to be productive. Productive in money terms which is the bottom line and task terms.

I’ll end on this note, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which states that once you address your physiological needs (food, clothing & shelter), your motivation to succeed becomes less what you can get and more about self-actualization.


Mummy Pam Series; a journey of my ‘mummyhood’

Hello Lovelies and welcome to a brand new Series of Mummy Pam; a journey of  my mummyhood. I would make this series as succinct as possible. My baby over here was born in July 2017 and not up until he was shown to me and given to me to bond via skin to skin method, I never really got the full picture of how life would be with him in my life.

First of all I had a smooth pregnancy, no morning sickness, no nausea and excessive cravings. But I was so low on Iron that it gave the doctors a good cause to worry about. As life is, we know there are no cause without remedy hence I was placed on Iron tablets and was given Ferinject an iron infusion.