Story for the gods

Story story, story! Once upon a time? My people, please join me here and read o! I know you would say I love gist. Yes I do, I really do love gist. Today is about a real life account of a guy who sleeps around with anything in a skirt including young girls. Yes! call him whatever you want even a pedophile.

So it happened that this guy loves to tango randomly with different baes and with every strength in him, asking them to do the unthinkable with his something. My sisters and brothers, I can’t start explaining what his something is here o, you do the thinking and come up with the answer, lol. Well the interesting part of this gist is that he is married.

Yes, a married man o! I often wonder what joy married men derive in playing such games AKA cheating. Apparently, this dude, let us call him Mr you no dey tire, loves to buggy too much, and unfortunately for him, his buggy mate Mrs you no dey tire which is his wife became born again. She became a spiritual sister and dropped her old ways of buggying with her husband. Madam as I call her, termed her husband’s un-quenching  aka undying buggy desires and pleasures as sinful and dirty.

Please o, which church does madam attend because all ye married sisters need to visit. Personally to me, that’s how you expose your husband to waka waka girls and all sorts of rubbish. A word is enough for the wise, my married sisters please take note. Over spiri koko no good for bed room o with you and yours truly. It is a Capital NO for me, Period!

The most annoying part of my gist is  that, Oga and madam split up. If you are wondering why na, I would say please wonder less.They took turns to take care of their two lovely kids and one day the unthinkable happened. Oga pikin as in his  9 year old daughter walked into her fathers room and says she is lonely. Her father gives her a book to read and she says “daddy please can we play a dress up game? mummy usually plays the game with us ” . That was how father and daughter started playing dress up game.

Please my readers can someone explain to me what a dress up game is? Because I clearly do not understand what it means. My problem is that shameful Oga could not decide what type of game is appropriate for father and daughter. Long and short story is, the man left his daughter at the mercy of his friend and the little girl being a child asked the guy for a dress up game and he obliged her. And yes my brethren and Sisthren you thought right.  He did the unthinkable with his friends daughter and the rest they say is history.

Abeg guys this particular gist  na movie o. Have you ever visited please go there for more juicy movies. My story was culled from an episode, in fact few scenes from an episode of Lekki wives season 2.

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What’s trending on CNN now and Nigeria at the Moment!

Hi guys, get in here and read o! you must have been watching the news about combating Religious wars (Isis) right? I want to state here that i hate watching news that are not pleasing to the ear. These republicans and their opinions though.

When I got home from work, I sat down with my glass of Guava juice, tuned into CNN which is not my hobby. Guys anyone who knows me would testify that i love me some IROKO TV any day any time. Anyways, all i could hear on TV at the time was debate! debate! debate! on combating Religious wars/crisis/ terrorism in the world. I was just listening attentively to some of the republicans criticizing Obama’s administration, some of them stating how they would  subdue these crisis if they become president of the United State of America.

Guys Please take a look at the picture above Biko, yes that is  Donald Trump and you guessed right. But before i get down to his own gist , i would like you guys to know what i picked out of the debate on how to curb this situation the world is facing right now. I did pick out from one of the republicans that they would monitor calls  in America and also look at social media of people coming into America.

One wouldn’t help but to wonder what the world is turning into. So because of terrorism there wont be Privacy anymore in terms of conversations in America, and am sure if implemented in America the whole world would adopt such Policy. As for monitoring social media activities of those going into America, i would say i quite agree in a way, but guys with these awareness do you think these terrorist would want to harness their plans or show themselves through social media. They might because they have big balls… just saying.

Back to Donald Trump, a lot of  you heard his ranting on TV on how he would ban Muslims from entering America  if he becomes the president, to me that is religious segregation, but hey guys Donald Trump is just a business man like my friend would say, who would vote him in power? This takes me back to Nigeria my own fatherland and the bombings in the Northern region. First of all thank God that circumstances and situations didn’t take you to those regions and for those who did their NYSC (National Youth service Corp)or worked in those regions and are reading my post right now, thank Jehovah. O di ro easy in Flavor n”abania’s voice.

I see comments and rantings on Linda Ikeji’s blog whenever she posts any political related issues especially of the present government putting blames on the past government. My sweets, when boko haram started their knock out games, we thought it was just to wand off and frustrate GEJ’s administration , but how about now that we have Sai buhari or whatever he is referred to by his supporters,my brothers and sisters what is going on?. They came with an agenda of Change and yet according to peoples rantings on blogs they have seen zero change.

To end my gist guys, if america’s politicians are debating on how to fight religious terrorism? what are Nigerian politicians doing to fight Boko haram? Buying cars of how many billions or pointing baseless accusing fingers? Please i would like to hear your views on the latest news you’ve heard both world wide and in Nigeria………..

How i got my First office Job in the UK

Hi guys, today’s hot gist is about my first office job in the UK. Guys na correct office job o! hahaha (don’t mind me jare!). Okay, some of you would ask, ‘so, your first office job? what were you doing before then?’ Good question guys, that’s why I need you to go get a bowl of sweet/salted popcorn, head straight to wherever you feel comfortable sitting and read with much enthusiasm, cos this gist might inspire one or two of you, 😉

So it happened that your friend or sister here which is me ‘Pam’ found herself doing some factory work(oh boy that was too tasking). Don’t get me wrong guys, if you’ve ever read or taken a Supply Chain management or Total quality management (TQM) course, you would appreciate God for helping me get that job. E nweghi m choice at that time- I didn’t have a choice so I told myself. Because no employer in the uk is willing to take a student who just has 20 working hours restriction.I took the job as I didn’t want to bug my parents for pocket money.

Example of food manufacturing company that i worked in guys…N/B. In all the lines they knew me as the singing girl…I didn’t care!

Photo credit: Google images.

Now, please note that this factory job/ food production and packing job was not the only job i did o. I also did work at a mail company, where we sort out mails ready for posting. And usually you get such jobs during festive periods especially Christmas periods. My sweets, I combined these jobs with my studies, and the horrible thing was, I would finish at 5am, join the bus head home, sleep for two or less hours and head to Uni for lectures.

Inside of a mail company. Photo Credit: Google images.

Those days of sore feets after work were horrible for me guys, that I wished I came from a royal home, aka Princess of England, lol. Well, I never gave up on getting a good and well paid job. My sweets as God had planned it at the time there was an opportunity for a bank role in one of the biggest banking society in England.

Meanwhile, prior to the time, i was always travelling to London for choir rehearsals for a big program that was coming up in church(Higher life conference 2013). There was no time to re-write my CV, and to be honest na me fear interview pass and yes there was an interview for the role. So as weeks grew to days and days to hours something happened…..

I sent  in my CV a day before the program and the next day as we lined up ready to be ushered in  as a choir my phone rings and the conversation went thus “Hi Good afternoon my name is Oghenerukpomi  from XYZ company can i speak to Pamela Okoye Please” and i said “speaking” ” Okay,  Pamela we received your CV for xyz role and we are happy with it, but before we progress there would be an interview. Will you be available for 5pm later on today for an interview? Oh boy! for my mind i was like wetin be this na, because the church program wouldn’t be over by then, and i said to her “NO” and she said ” ok thats fine, you are the last person i would interview for this role, and since you wont be available for the interview i would put you on reserve, congratulations and i will send you forms to fill via email bye”

My brethren and sisthrens na so o! i was put on reserve but i started work the next Monday Praise Master Jesus. Before this sweet testimony, there were underground works o guys. I always made confessions like “i have a good job” “I have a well paid Job” and so on. I also did buy my first day at work outfit before i went for the program, and yes i am a sower o! i sowed my seed in church…if i say this my mouth wont go missing. Those were my underground works and i am not really sure which of them prompted the miracle but i believe all of them and some more that are unknown to me.

To wrap up my sweet gist guys, i would like to say, the word of  God works, do not underestimate what God can do. Also i want to send a lovely shout out to all of you guys who have taken time out to read this piece i hope it got to your heart lol…..

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Baby Shower

Hi my sweets, how are you guys doing…How ministry things and una market. My story today is not about tortoise or how he fell and broke his back, eh eh no oo! Today’s gist is about a baby shower i was fortunate to attend and privileged to partly organize.IMG_2578

So the plan for our dearly beloved brother’s iyawo or nwan mmi or his ima ima so we know what love is called in efik dialect, was to surprise her. The shower was to start at 3:15pm at her place on Saturday the …of dec 2015..haha…I would love to take you all back to the preparation of the surprise Shower and how it all started ‘my version of the parry’.

For the love of parry guys, i have never been involved in organizing a baby shower or anything shower so I was as excited as a JJC (Johnny just come or a novice) would be. I was informed by a dearly beloved sisthren that I should help get a gift for mama born boy and party decors. Hmm so I became a  website wizard, gunning for the best and cheapest deals  from Amazon, eBay and finally Asda store online just for the decors.

Also my scamper scamper movement all over the city center started just in scout for a specific baby item called “baby bouncer”. To be honest I never knew baby stuffs were as expensive as a saved up 4 months salary used for engagement rings these days, o di egwu o! in my fathers voice chai!.

At last I got the gift but online though, I also did buy my décor stuff and was ready for the D day. Fast forward  to Saturday o! I dint get there in time, but I was able to play my part before the mum to be was surprised by our SUP-RICE!!!! hahaha( no too laugh I know say na surprise).

Make I no waste una precious time see pictures below sha;IMG_2506

This is the making of the hamper that I skipped telling you guys from the beginning. It contains a big baby dull and Baby record books for those record lovers, and yes my sweets all these records of baby’s arrival to the world and first smile, first birthday till sweet 18 sure do make sense and will definitely come in handy. Also in the basket are baby shower cream and baby oil, baby hooded towel which I rolled up, that’s the ash stuff in the basket, baby clothes and so on.

The finished hamper was like this;

IMG_2521 IMG_2525

Please also see few pictures from the parry;


The cake was so tasty, I had mine with ice cream.

IMG_2552 Mum- to- be, me and my smile!IMG_2553Mum- to- be, me my smile and  Aunty Glad!  IMG_2598Happy mum to be and her hubby and men them.

IMG_2643Showers of gifts and comic relief moments!

Mama- to- be dancing to watch me whip and nae nae song!IMG_2567

IMG_2590That laugh though, so priceless!

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Behind my smiles and echoed laughter..the expressions of my thoughts.

Hello my sweet darling readers and brethren. How una dey… oops! I mean how are you all doing jor? Today na today for una, I was meant to post this write-up a long time ago but… make we just leave the but for the aje-buta ones. I would like to echo what people tell me on a daily basis. They say to me ” Pam you seem to be happy all the time, you laugh, you smile in fact keep it up”.

I can also remember as a kid, that smiles and laughter were my signature at the time. A happy kid they say, and hey you can ask Mrs. Okoye how true it was, you can also ask Yugo my Kid bro for those who know him and finally you can ask Mr. Fumz and Chinwe my friend if I am saying the  truth or not.

Categorically my response to those who ask why I laugh so hard is, really? With my eyes wide open like okpolo eyes… And you know what they say about okpolo eye… abeg you guys should help me complete it in Beyoncé’s voice. I am so delighted to share with you all my reasons for smiling, laughing and above all being happy.

I believe my wide angled smiles or echoed laughter portrays the state of my mind. It advertises my beautiful dentals, for money purposes… as you all know I don’t have to be 6′ feet tall to be a model,some close up toothpaste things) lol. I am told by “you know who” I look beautiful with a smile and with my echoed laughter I make people laugh as well (they are really contagious). And lastly my sweets my smile is my trick and signature….abeg make una ask me how?(sometimes eh when i don’t understand what my fellow oyibos are talking about, i smile and laugh and echo…really?


Wearing a smile on your face always regardless of the circumstances you are facing at the time, will surely make you look good, feel good and carry yourself in a certain way. In a nut shell – “smiling often will make you have a positive vibe towards life”.  

I would like to end this piece with few not so boring words like; Learn to smile, Learn to laugh, don’t depend on anyone for your happiness, life is short and very inevitable so be true to thy self and finally for photo lovers, if you guys want to achieve the look on the Picture above learn to smile and show your ’32’  and your pictures will turn out great………
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I talk am

I talk am is a bi-lingual way of saying “I said so”… more so there is more to my “I talk am” than meets the eye. Dearie’s, my blog post is not to lecture you guys on  English Language or linguistics;  we’ve all had enough lectures in high school up until University… Be my guest if you want to ask lecturers about my performance in English sha… Hahaha…

The breaking news story I’m about to share is about my driving lessons. I have been taking driving lessons for so long now I can’t even remember when I started learning how to drive. It feels like ages ago and to think the year is almost over and I still don’t have the pretty pink plastic with my name on it confirming to the world I have joined the teeming number of proud motorist enriching the government with taxes and speed fines lol…

OMG I have had dreams where I’m driving in a sleek Mercedes Benz with the top down and the wind blowing in my face while speeding into wondrous oblivion not caring what the weather is like in this piece of real estate called GB. Its at this moment I snap back into reality at the screams of my instructor yelling that I should slam on the breaks. By the way my instructors name is Oga as that is the best thing I can think of without naming him something colourful. Brethren see me see wahala oh, Oga has been telling me that I still need more lessons in December 2015 to prepare me for my practical test in January 2016.Oga arrived at this decision after failing me in 4 mock driving tests where he was Judge, Jury and Executioner.

I have been learning how to drive since Genesis 1:1 and I felt that taking and passing my driving test will be a wonderful way to end the year; but Oga had other plans as he intends to keep billing me so he can build a mansion in his village – Haa, God no go gree and  the Pope must hear this as this man wants to extort me in a Bri-ish way, init. My sweets na so i carry my faith dash oga believing that i would be an expert in moving a manual car….Sorry oo! i meant drive and what i started with a smile ended so much in tears. So my people ‘I talk am say that dude be 419’ but he is British init so I won’t use this expensive figures to describe him!