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Hi my sweets, how are you guys doing…How ministry things and una market. My story today is not about tortoise or how he fell and broke his back, eh eh no oo! Today’s gist is about a baby shower i was fortunate to attend and privileged to partly organize.IMG_2578

So the plan for our dearly beloved brother’s iyawo or nwan mmi or his ima ima so we know what love is called in efik dialect, was to surprise her. The shower was to start at 3:15pm at her place on Saturday the …of dec 2015..haha…I would love to take you all back to the preparation of the surprise Shower and how it all started ‘my version of the parry’.

For the love of parry guys, i have never been involved in organizing a baby shower or anything shower so I was as excited as a JJC (Johnny just come or a novice) would be. I was informed by a dearly beloved sisthren that I should help get a gift for mama born boy and party decors. Hmm so I became a  website wizard, gunning for the best and cheapest deals  from Amazon, eBay and finally Asda store online just for the decors.

Also my scamper scamper movement all over the city center started just in scout for a specific baby item called “baby bouncer”. To be honest I never knew baby stuffs were as expensive as a saved up 4 months salary used for engagement rings these days, o di egwu o! in my fathers voice chai!.

At last I got the gift but online though, I also did buy my décor stuff and was ready for the D day. Fast forward  to Saturday o! I dint get there in time, but I was able to play my part before the mum to be was surprised by our SUP-RICE!!!! hahaha( no too laugh I know say na surprise).

Make I no waste una precious time see pictures below sha;IMG_2506

This is the making of the hamper that I skipped telling you guys from the beginning. It contains a big baby dull and Baby record books for those record lovers, and yes my sweets all these records of baby’s arrival to the world and first smile, first birthday till sweet 18 sure do make sense and will definitely come in handy. Also in the basket are baby shower cream and baby oil, baby hooded towel which I rolled up, that’s the ash stuff in the basket, baby clothes and so on.

The finished hamper was like this;

IMG_2521 IMG_2525

Please also see few pictures from the parry;


The cake was so tasty, I had mine with ice cream.

IMG_2552 Mum- to- be, me and my smile!IMG_2553Mum- to- be, me my smile and  Aunty Glad!  IMG_2598Happy mum to be and her hubby and men them.

IMG_2643Showers of gifts and comic relief moments!

Mama- to- be dancing to watch me whip and nae nae song!IMG_2567

IMG_2590That laugh though, so priceless!

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