How i got my First office Job in the UK

Hi guys, today’s hot gist is about my first office job in the UK. Guys na correct office job o! hahaha (don’t mind me jare!). Okay, some of you would ask, ‘so, your first office job? what were you doing before then?’ Good question guys, that’s why I need you to go get a bowl of sweet/salted popcorn, head straight to wherever you feel comfortable sitting and read with much enthusiasm, cos this gist might inspire one or two of you, ūüėČ

So it happened that your friend or sister here which is me ‘Pam’ found herself doing some factory work(oh boy that was too tasking). Don’t get me wrong guys, if you’ve ever read or taken a Supply Chain management or Total quality management (TQM) course, you would appreciate God for helping me get that job. E nweghi m choice at that time- I didn’t have a choice so I told myself. Because no employer in the uk is willing to take a student who just has 20 working hours restriction.I took the job as I didn’t want to bug my parents for pocket money.

Example of food manufacturing company that i worked in guys…N/B. In all the lines they knew me as the singing girl…I didn’t care!

Photo credit: Google images.

Now, please note that this factory job/ food production and packing job was not the only job i did o. I also did work at a mail company, where we sort out mails ready for posting. And usually you get such jobs during festive periods especially Christmas periods. My sweets, I combined these jobs with my studies, and the horrible thing was, I would finish at 5am, join the bus head home, sleep for two or less hours and head to Uni for lectures.

Inside of a mail company. Photo Credit: Google images.

Those days of sore feets after work were horrible for me guys, that I wished I came from a royal home, aka Princess of England, lol. Well, I never gave up on getting a good and well paid job. My sweets as God had planned it at the time there was an opportunity for a bank role in one of the biggest banking society in England.

Meanwhile, prior to the time, i was always travelling to London for choir rehearsals for a big program that was coming up in church(Higher life conference 2013). There was no time to re-write my CV, and to be honest na me fear interview pass and yes there was an interview for the role. So as weeks grew to days and days to hours something happened…..

I sent ¬†in my CV a day before the program and the next day as we lined up ready to be ushered in ¬†as a choir my phone rings and the conversation went thus “Hi Good afternoon my name is Oghenerukpomi ¬†from XYZ company can i speak to Pamela Okoye Please” and i said “speaking” ” Okay, ¬†Pamela we¬†received¬†your¬†CV¬†for xyz role and we are happy¬†with it,¬†but before we progress there would be an interview. Will you be available for 5pm later on today for an interview? Oh boy! for my mind i was like wetin be this na, because the church program wouldn’t be over by then, and i said to her “NO” and she said ” ok thats fine, you are the last person i would interview for this role, and since you wont be available for the interview i would put you on reserve, congratulations and i will send you forms to fill via email bye”

My brethren and sisthrens na so o! i was put on reserve but i started work the next Monday Praise Master Jesus. Before this sweet testimony, there were underground works o guys. I always made confessions like “i have a good job” “I have a well paid Job” and so on. I also did buy my first day at work outfit before i went for the program, and yes i am a sower o! i sowed my seed in church…if i say this my mouth wont go missing. Those were my underground works and i am not really sure which of them prompted the miracle but i believe all of them and some more that are unknown to me.

To wrap up my sweet gist guys, i would like to say, the word of ¬†God works, do not underestimate what God can do. Also i want to send a lovely shout out to all of you guys who have taken time out to read this piece i hope it got to your heart lol…..

Like i would say’ continue to read, comment and share my blog posts on your walls ‘ keep supporting Pam d’coque’s Blog and God bless you!

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