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Hi guys, get in here and read o! you must have been watching the news about combating Religious wars (Isis) right? I want to state here that i hate watching news that are not pleasing to the ear. These republicans and their opinions though.

When I got home from work, I sat down with my glass of Guava juice, tuned into CNN which is not my hobby. Guys anyone who knows me would testify that i love me some IROKO TV any day any time. Anyways, all i could hear on TV at the time was debate! debate! debate! on combating Religious wars/crisis/ terrorism in the world. I was just listening attentively to some of the republicans criticizing Obama’s administration, some of them stating how they would  subdue these crisis if they become president of the United State of America.

Guys Please take a look at the picture above Biko, yes that is  Donald Trump and you guessed right. But before i get down to his own gist , i would like you guys to know what i picked out of the debate on how to curb this situation the world is facing right now. I did pick out from one of the republicans that they would monitor calls  in America and also look at social media of people coming into America.

One wouldn’t help but to wonder what the world is turning into. So because of terrorism there wont be Privacy anymore in terms of conversations in America, and am sure if implemented in America the whole world would adopt such Policy. As for monitoring social media activities of those going into America, i would say i quite agree in a way, but guys with these awareness do you think these terrorist would want to harness their plans or show themselves through social media. They might because they have big balls…..am just saying.

Back to Donald Trump, a lot of  you heard his ranting on TV on how he would ban Muslims from entering America  if he becomes the president, to me that is religious segregation, but hey guys Donald Trump is just a business man like my friend would say, who would vote him in power? This takes me back to Nigeria my own fatherland and the bombings in the Northern region. First of all thank God that circumstances and situations didn’t take you to those regions and for those who did their NYSC (National Youth service Corp)or worked in those regions and are reading my post right now, thank Jehovah. O di ro easy in Flavor n”abania’s voice.

I see comments and rantings on Linda Ikeji’s blog whenever she posts any political related issues especially of the present government putting blames on the past government. My sweets, when boko haram started their knock out games, we thought it was just to wand off and frustrate GEJ’s administration , but how about now that we have Sai buhari or whatever he is referred to by his supporters,my brothers and sisters what is going on?. They came with an agenda of Change and yet according to peoples rantings on blogs they have seen zero change.

To end my gist guys, if america’s politicians are debating on how to fight religious terrorism? what are Nigerian politicians doing to fight Boko haram? Buying cars of how many billions or pointing baseless accusing fingers? Please i would like to hear your views on the latest news you’ve heard both world wide and in Nigeria………..

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