My ex bae the heartbreaker

“I was in love, Pam, madly in love with my ex bae” AJ said and  i was like, bia which one is ex bae biko?. Anyways, this is a sad story on how love was blind and couldn’t see. He told me this happened two years back. So ladies and gents, please take a seat and read.

Story in AJ’s Voice……………..

I had  a girl friend, I loved her so much that I wanted to settle down with her when the time was right. Everything was going on so fine until I decided to make a meaning out of my life by traveling to the UK to further my studies. I sat her down and told her of my plans. She was happy initially until she started listening to advice from friends who told her of how men travel abroad and forget their girlfriends. Pam, I told her that I would never do that to her. To show you how serious I was, I introduced her to my parents and siblings and she was officially known as Aj’s girlfriend.

Anyways fast forward to after my travel, we had our ups and downs, we quarreled o, broke up, made up, broke up again and to be honest the last time we made up, I promised to work hard on the relationship by communicating always wit her, and that made our relationship stronger. Prior to the time of my graduation, I wanted my girl to come visit, I made sure I worked twice as hard just to ensure she got a visa, so she could be by my side. Pam Pam as AJ called me, he continued…

I helped her apply for a visiting visa to come to the UK, I paid for her flight and I AJ secured her accommodation for the duration of her visit. As a young man, what else did she need me to do to prove my undying love for her. Anyways, she came over for my graduation, spent few months after my graduation and while on her vacation something happened.

My girlfriend woke me up one night, and started shedding tears. she told me how time was not on her side and how unsure she was that I will marry her. I assured her that I shall definitely do some form of introduction before the end of the year. She totally refused and asked me for one unreasonable favor. This girl asked me to get her pregnant, I shouted what!? “You are asking me for an impossible thing” I told her, I have assured you of my undying love but she kept on ranting until I gave in.

In order not to bore you with Aj’s story let me complete the gist for him…

That was how Aj said he fired the babe o, fire for fire for those who understand what I mean for those who do not, he said he obliged his babe and did not give her breathing space from that night onward. One faithful day a few minutes after Aj got to work his phone started buzzing, guess what? it was his flat mate calling him. He told him how his babe collapsed and he called an ambulance to attend to her. Aj excused himself from work and rushed to the hospital to attend to his family emergency.

Ladies and gents the long and short story is that he was told his babe was preggers, yes o! pregnant. He was happy but he didn’t want to share the news immediately with his folks. As a proud future father, all things were fair and equal that is he was happy that he had fulfilled his babes wish until she woke him up again another night from his deep and sweet sleep. A bit perplexed Aj asked what the issue was and In tears again, bae was ranting on how she doesn’t want to keep the pregnancy any more. He tried convincing her, and asked her to take it off when she gets back to Nigeria, but as a sharp babe she convinced him otherwise. Aj was a man in love, just trying to make his heartthrob happy. Little did he know she was brewing something cunning and crafty.

She made him do what he swore never in his life to do, bae had a procedure done to make her desire come to fruition. She went back home few weeks later after executing her plans with clinical precision and artistry and innocent Aj joined her months later. Aj stayed with his parents on his return to home, as usual bae came visiting. Few days later there was a misunderstanding which resulted in the intervention of Aj’s father. Thinking the worse was over Aj went over to bae’s place after they had settled the misunderstanding and the unimaginable happened. On that faithful day, he asked her for her phone to play some songs and she obliged him.

I guarantee you that checking bae’s phone have cost most relationships these days. Although Aj only was checking her music list when he stumbled on a video. He clicked on it, Lo and behold what he beheld was enough to send him to the ER (emergency room). He saw one neighbor that he has always been suspecting of doing the unimaginable with his wife to be doing the unthinkable. They successfully imitated Kim K and Ray Jay’s explosive movie, if you get what I mean. Aj broke down in tears and mostly in despair.

The reason for Aj’s return was to put a ring on it, to borrow a leaf from Queen B. However with the turn of events Aj had a rethink and made excuses not to carry on with the introduction then wedding as he intended. He never shared the true reasons for this decision with baes family so as not to cast her in bad light and for the love they shared. this was how the cookie crumbled.

After wearing my detective thinking cap, I came up with this scenario, please pay attention. Bae was pregnant before arriving in the UK after collecting a few rounds for the road, unknown to her. when she discovered this and realised she would be in the UK for a couple of months and wont be able to explain immaculate conception from safe driving (keeping it clean as its the new year) she decided to manipulate his love for her and asked him for a baby (how convenient, the bun was in the oven already). phase 2 of the plan: now officially preggy, Aj would in a matter of time find out that conception must ave taken place without his knowledge from tests and also she acted hormonal and did not want baby any more. Bae had Aj eating from the palm of her hands all because she knew he loved her only to use him to execute her plans which she achieved anyways and I say to myself how heartless can she be? This is the stuff movies are made of, one can safely say bae should be working for the CIA. I rest my case people, I duff my detective hat and say do you agree?

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