My dream traditional marriage

Nigerian Music videos can to a large extent portray what some of us have in mind and in some cases be spot on. Seriously guys, this video got my cranial juices flowing. Just yesterday I wanted to write about Yoruba traditional/engagement parry and I felt the need to fuse some elements from a Yoruba ceremony with that of the Ibo’s when I get married and I can imagine how colourful and entertaining that would be. For a moment I wondered what life would be like or better still what Ibo traditional ceremonies would be like if my Ibo Ancestors, (lol) borrowed a leaf from the Yoruba’s and integrated the Alaga Ijoko into them. What a day that would be…

Have you guys heard of the Alaga Ijoko? For those of you that have no idea, an Alaga is a traditional master of ceremony, usually a relative of the bride whose main function is to preside over the ceremony making sure the traditional rites are observed and above all to make sure she bills the groom as much as she can in a fun and loving way with a smile on her face off course. Their presence is expensive to the groom, na wah the groom and his men must drop some real cash o! This had me thinking could it be why the Ibo’s don’t have such expensive item as the Yoruba Alaga Ijoko.

I also wonder if the Alaga Ijoko are MC’s we have in our Ibo marriages yes i think so. Don’t get me wrong guys, I do love my Ibo tradition but i’m just showing some love and respect for our ethnic diversity. Also have you seen the groom and his men prostrate in-front of his parent in-laws begging for his bride. Oh Lord of Zachariah, I would love that on my trad marriage.

Guys this video if fantastic,it will do justice to what i am talking about. ¬†Finally guys, like the caption of the video says, “marry me” , if you are 27, 28 and some other twenties like me please share your wedding date by commenting below. Thanks, Cheers, and please i am joking o!



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  1. Pammy my love, i am just laughing out loud here with this your wish (not to ridicule though) but you killed it with the video. I will rest my case till further notice

    Well done Diuto Nwa, Ada Okoye.

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