My big fat feet: Viewers discretion advised

The story I’m about to share is interesting and will make for a good read. It’s so peculiar that I feel like rolling on the floor and laughing out loud but in frustration and not in happiness. Some of us that are not pregnant can relate to how your feet can get sore and sometimes a bit swollen when you sit for long periods at a time.

Ladies and Gents, I have been noticing the strange size of my feet for a few days now. All well and good I told myself I will not go to the doctor’s, rather I chose to speak words of faith to my feet and general health being the christian that I am. Fast forward to Friday night/Saturday OMG, guys my feet were fatter than a baked meat-pie from Iya Jumoke.

Please see one more picture of my meat pie feet:

Truth be told I was worried, but my worry was more about finding what triggered my feet to swell and how to mitigate it than about taking medication. At this point my feet had become big and as heavy as the statue of liberty. When I noticed no improvement, I turned to the wonderful world of medical science and forced myself to my neighbourhood hospital and after a few minutes I met my doctor who subjected me to numerous tests including but not limited to Urine and blood test. It was discovered that I had unusual amounts of protein in my Urine which means something might be wrong and I was also anaemic as well, meaning no iron for my body guys i guess its the plenty plenty M C Donald, KFC and Chicken Kebab I eat.

This is where it gets interesting. I was referred to the tertiary health center given that my area doctors could not find what was wrong with my feet and needed to get the big guns to attend to my case that I did not take with the seriousness it deserved.  I was immediately put on admission without even knowing or consenting to it. I was hooked up to machines I only ever get to see in Grey’s Anatomy to monitor my heart beat, pulse, and blood pressure. All these were done to actually rule out all the possible explanations that would make a young lady in her twenties to have swollen feet. The symptoms I presented were very common in the elderly and pregnant women and the doctors on Team Pam could not just understand what was wrong with me which paved the way for more tests to be done on me and extending my forced admission. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days eating and merry making with the No.1 fan of Pam d’cocques blog and brainstorming on how to tell this story to the readers of my blog. I was not given any medication only bed rest and the few laughs I could get from the other patients I was fortunate to meet during my short visit to the hospital.

I was very well taken care of at the hospital and I would like to give a big shout out to the unspoken and uncelebrated heroes in our cities. The Nurses, the Doctors and emergency workers that work tirelessly and round to clock to make sure we are healthy and where we are not they care for us.

This might sound cliche but health is wealth and it gives us hope that we can have a better tomorrow. If you notice anything unusual with your body or health or that of a loved one, do something about it and don’t let it linger because you really have nothing to loose if you take action by getting medical advise




However guys, I am feeling well now and the swelling has gone down a bit.

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  1. After reading this. I can’t help but laugh out loud. the forced admission cracked me up wella. @ the first picture, all I can see is a beautiful shoes (winks) ……..Just negedu enjoyment(lol). Nneoma, all these na for just big fat feet? I raise cap for that hospital managemnt. I am glad you are well now. thank God.

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