My baby food addiction whats yours?

downloadHello my lovelies, hope you all had a lovely weekend? Mine was very exciting; I attended my friends son’s 1st birthday and it was a delight to celebrate my cutie pie and meet up with old and dear friends. Before I left the city that brought a flood of memories and emotions I had to visit the African food store to pick up a few supplies for my return journey. Lo and behold I heard a whisper while walking through the aisles and it said “pick me Pam, I’ve missed you”. I thought I was loosing my mind then I heard the faint words again; it’s me Pam and there it was right in front of me “Baby Food”. Not just any baby food “Cerelac”  by Nestlé my very own kryptonite. My old habit and addiction calling unto me and I was answering like I had no control of my faculties. I always craved for one particular baby food as big as I am.Wait guys, how can an oke ibiri (Adult) like me eat baby food.  For those of you out there in bloggers land wondering if I have a baby. The answer is an emphatic and categorical No, however I am girding up my loins to get that area sorted out pretty soon after my wedding. lol


Well if you know  Nestle products you might know cerelac, its fed to babies that are being weaned from liquid to semi solids. That’s my cereal of choice o! Mothers in the house don’t be scared to let me near your baby’s food ie any kind of formula including their cerelacs, lol.


I can bet my top dollar that most of us have awkward addictions and cravings, I would love if you can share that with me. I mean the good and juicy addictions.  Aside cerelac, I love to chew on ice cubes, and before i grind it to a slush like state i swallow it and enjoy the feeling to the tablet size ice slowing going down my throat. Feels like heaven and I do that as often as i can every day. Other people love to smoke, drink or use drugs. I don’t do none of that, but put me in a room full of Ice and cerelac and i will give you the permission to ask me to marry you. lol Sister, brother you guys should not blame me o. I know the implications but I hardly can stand near a freezer and not dig dip. Lol. Don’t judge me o. Let me put these addictions aside.


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