Weekend Wedding in Portsmouth, am I permitted to say watch this space….

Hello Fam, how are you guys doing? Its been a while i’ve been here,so quiet right? I know, that is why I bring you the latest. But First as a blogger I will admit that it isn’t so easy to fetch you guys interesting and relevant gist or news etc. I will Make every effort from this day onward to bring you all your most interesting gist, videos and exclusive write ups.

20160528_153755Anyway who will admit that attending weddings be it in person or not is the norm these days. Well I was fortunate to attend a wedding in Portsmouth this weekend. It was so stressful getting there considering where I live but It was worth It. I will add that my jaw dropped to the floor when I was ushered into the hall. This is not a tales by moonlight gist, I really and truly enjoyed myself. The venue was beautiful, the MC was engaging and the newly weds were two love birds that were clearly made for each other.I enjoyed the dance, music, jokes, the Shoe games et al. The MC who is Ghanaian by the way killed it at a Nigerian wedding, guess he was playing it safe by not bringing up any “Jollof Rice” jokes lol
IMG-20160530-WA0011Everything was beautifully organised, the planners were on point, the crossed the tee and dotted the ayes. It was strictly by invitation and kids were not allowed though I could see a few running around. It was strictly by Invitation and I was not invited, now please don’t Judge me….lol my oga at the top Insisted I must accompany him. Fortunately we had some persons absent on the table he was allocated hence I stayed put till the end of the wedding.

IMG-20160530-WA0009We were served food at our table and were told to choose one of two options on the menu. There was also dessert and some small chops for dinner. For the main course option 1 was fried rice & jollof Rice, assorted meat and coleslaw while Option two was Pounded yam with Egusi and assorted meat. Desert was Just the cake and the small chops was Dun Dun (fried yam). Mmh I did like it, no one really struggled for food and they were not so many options and no waste. For those of you planning a wedding or getting married soon, would you prefer to have a buffet at your wedding or just give your guest options to choose from?

20160528_165601Down to the shoe games OMG! Gosh the questions were not overwhelming, the Mc made sure the couple proved  to us what they said was true. Example both bride and groom are in the choir in their Church. And the question was who could sing better and both raised both shoes. Now I was so interested to know who really could sing better before they were given the mic to sing a birthday song for the brides mother whose birthday was two days before the wedding. In my own opinion the groom sang better, but hey who cares as long as they complement each other. The dance match was between the groom and his grooms men versus the bride and her brides maid. The guests were spectators and had to chose the winners as both teams tied in the game.

Now I will say not so many people give testimonials and speeches these days at weddings but the groom and brides siblings had something lovely to say about them. Everyone was teary, so touchy. In order not to over flog you with details, I will have to put up most pictures for you all to feed your eyes. And lastly as a good media personality, I will have to commend the wedding planner, vendor and the photographers. They did an amazing job for the couple.

Daughter so wrapped up in father’s arms
20160528_174057 Son dancing with Mama20160528_173807

I wish them both a marriage filled with understanding, compromise, love and laughter all the way and please watch this space for mine….hahahhahaha. BYE!

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Welcome to the Month of May-Enjoy This Song….

Month Of May will be very exciting and all things will work according to God’s Plans. I have been wanting to share this wonderful song by Travis Greene with you guys. It says all things are working for your good and mine and it is very intentional. I urge you all to suck up all the lyrics. And I know your perception towards life will change. And please do remember to speak life into existence. The word of God works.