Thula Sizwe – One of our vocal warm up song/chant in FGGC Umuahia taught by Uncle Okey

I have really searched for this nice melody for a very long time, but today I stumbled upon it on YouTube, Praise God.

I have a question for you all. Do you sometimes find yourself loving songs sang in other languages, do they actually take you to another realm. I do, I actual find it strange but am used to it.

Please listen to this beautiful melody and lyrics below. Also, if  you are in a musical group or Choir and you are watching this, you can actually use this as a voice /vocal warm ups.




Video Source: You Tube

Thula Sizwe(Lyrics)


Thula Sizwe,ungabokhala

Ujahova wakho uzokunqobela


Inkululeko, Inkululeko

Ujahova wakho uzokunqobela



Be still nation, don’t cry

Your Jehovah will conquer for you

Freedom, Freedom

Your Jehovah will Conquer for you


The Creation Series – by ZionBrid

It all began years ago when the morning skies were filled with stars and the night sky was bright as day. A time before ours and no one ever believes existed. It’s the stuff of legends, but it’s as factual as the air I breathe. The ground was fertile and the land was lush; man and beast lived as one with a good understanding of the circle of Life.

Taking only what was needed,feeding off the land, knowing one day they would feed the land. This was a time nature was unspoiled and man was not cruel to his fellow man. Everyone was equal; man,woman,child. No one was king and no one ruled over the other. And it all fell apart one day, no one knows how it happened, why it happened or what caused it to happen, but scientists call it “The Big Bang” today. An explosion of sorts that just happened; a hand that was dealt to the people of the time annihilating all in its wake.The beginning of of all life as we know it.The origin of all things bright and beautiful and creatures great and small or should I say a new beginning a fresh start at building with no king, no law or corruption.

These events gave rise to what I’m about to tell you……………………………..

To Be Continued

A great lesson at the news of your demise My dear Amaka Nwudo

11136210_10205154827008514_6107700977540542901_oMy darling Friend, my bunk mate at Madonna University,and  my Wednesday adoration partner. No time is ever convenient for me to say not now, why pass now, but I know God knows best. Right now, I wish I was announcing to the world about your safe delivery and all but it is the opposite now.

I know when I opened my Facebook page I Just saw a RIP against your picture. I was so shocked. I shouted Amaka, Amaka, I quickly went onto my whatsapp, I typed Amaka, just to be sure the news was not true. But no response from you. I cried, I did cry, I could not believe my eyes, the news and how real it was. But I knew you are resting peacefully in the bosom of my God. I also will admit that I never stopped saying to myself I love you Amaka, I love you Amaka.

This is true my dear friend, I love you and will always love, so sad that there’s a beginning and an end to ones life on earth, so sad you left so soon and in the manner at which you did. But you will forever be in my heart and I know we will meet to part no more dear. I have learnt in the course of your demise that I should always keep in touch and never see it as being in ones face all the time and to always be true to all. I also learnt to show love to everyone I come across as I never know our last.

Today Amy, I pray God gives your Young Family the heart to bear the pains of your loss and to your friends to forever know that you are in heaven. Your death is my loss dear but a great gain in heaven as i know you are with the choir of Angels as a soprano singer or anything its called there. I love you and I will always say a prayer for you in the chapel.

Rest on My dear Amaka and Pam Loves you.

Happy Birthday Kelechi Ihekweazu and to all June Babies

KC IhekwazuHappy birthday to my first true and childhood friend. Please permit me to wish you the best of the best two days after your birthday. Its still June and never too late to ever appreciate you and your friendship. I pray for you today, for more grace and wisdom as you add another year. You are a great person and that’s the reason why I told  myself to celebrate you, and not just you, to those who have directly or indirectly made impact in my life.

A little story for you Kele, ever since I knew you I always never forget 10th of June as I would readily have enough air time to text you. You have a beautiful heart and you are one to be kept as a friend. This is just my way of saying I love you from my heart and keep being the great you. Happy birthday once more and enjoy the rest of your month.

And to every June born reading my post, this is from my heart, I love you so much, happy birthday . Cheers!!!!!!