The Creation Series – by ZionBrid

It all began years ago when the morning skies were filled with stars and the night sky was bright as day. A time before ours and no one ever believes existed. It’s the stuff of legends, but it’s as factual as the air I breathe. The ground was fertile and the land was lush; man and beast lived as one with a good understanding of the circle of Life.

Taking only what was needed,feeding off the land, knowing one day they would feed the land. This was a time nature was unspoiled and man was not cruel to his fellow man. Everyone was equal; man,woman,child. No one was king and no one ruled over the other. And it all fell apart one day, no one knows how it happened, why it happened or what caused it to happen, but scientists call it “The Big Bang” today. An explosion of sorts that just happened; a hand that was dealt to the people of the time annihilating all in its wake.The beginning of of all life as we know it.The origin of all things bright and beautiful and creatures great and small or should I say a new beginning a fresh start at building with no king, no law or corruption.

These events gave rise to what I’m about to tell you……………………………..

To Be Continued

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