Amazing Couple!Chinny & Duke’s Pre-wedding Portraite Sessions|ShoeBox Photography

IMG-20160713-WA0010Pam D’coque’s Blog brings you an amazing Pre-Wedding photos of Chinny and Duke shot by ShoeBox Photography.

The couple worked closely with the photographer to achieve these heavenly, mind blowing and breath taken photos. Chinny and Duke’s wedding took place on the 16th and 17th of July 2016. The couple do wish to share their moments with us the blog readers. Enjoy!

A simple way to show I got you babe!
A simple way to show I got you babe!
What a simple way to live...All Smiles
What a simple way to live…All Smiles
Orchestrated in Haven!
Orchestrated in Haven!


~Photographer: Shoebox Photography

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X rated question about Sex.

sexHi guys, today’s topic is XXX rated, you understand what I mean right?. I have questions to ask. Please be plain, be open, don’t get angry/offended, just answer the questions if you can.

Before my questions, some of us do know what sex is right. I mean Sex between a man and a woman et al. So I had an encounter somewhere and someone had the guts to ask me if I am sexualy active with Mr X. He kept on pressing, on and on for an answer, just to know but I never gave into his antics. I didn’t find the question funny at all.

To be frank I told myself, that’s not a question for an adult. If you want to counsel an adult you don’t go asking an unreasonable question like ‘Are you having sex with him’.

So my question for today is, do you think the question is offensive/inappropriate or is it called for/appropriate to ask an adult.

Also what will be your response to this person and would your countenance change. Let me know what your thoughts are and please keep your comments coming.

Finally, if you have anything to share with the blog family please get through to me via email at or add me on WhatsApp at +447448068222 and yours truely will be right at your beck and call……

Depressed weekend

downloadMine was just okay….not the usual weekend I love, but I rested quite well at the end. Meanwhile all through Friday and Saturday, I was depressed, was overly emotional, not calculated. Felt all alone, felt I had no friend, felt dejected but then snapped back as soon as I spoke to few people over the phone. Mmmmh

Please, pay no attention to my moods, as I know some days can be like that but am glad I feel better now. So now fast foward to monday afternoon at work I am sipping some Tazo peppermint tea….lol

imagesSo over to you guys how was your weekend?


Surprise Party

20160702_220046I woke up with my legs aching guys, I woke up tired and fatigued on Monday morning. Hmmm! Hope you all still remember I promised to share exclusive gist about my weekend? If you did not remember still read on with all enthusiasm and gusto.

My tiredness was as a result of a busy Friday, a restless Friday night and a quick travel to Leeds over the weekend which turned out to be a recipe for knackeredness if there is such a word. My people, a dear friend in whom I am well pleased decided to return to Nigeria from the UK for a reason I will mention much later in this gist and I and a few friends decided to plan a surprise party just so she knows she will be missed. She can’t just decide to stop paying taxes to the queen just like that and we will not make sure she misses us. She didn’t see it coming as I kept my cool and avoided her which was no mean feat. I guess she felt alone and abandoned by the people she called friends but i’m glad to know she felt different by the end of Saturday evening.20160702_212728

Anyways we the committee members (her close pals) made it happen. She was surprised to her bones that she cried all night and for hours Unended, but I refused to join the league, lol. I did the best I could do to cheer her up and stop her from crying, I let her know she still got me as a friend regardless how far we are from each other and I was a call or text away.

Guys, she traveled to get married oh. My friend is moving from the singles and content club to the association of married women. I am happy for her and I wish her well. I know she will make a good wife to her husband and vice versa.

Her decision to leave the UK was not the easiest decision to make as she had built a family here, it was quite hard accepting and coming to terms with the decision she had made. Given that the Nigerian economy is not a bed of roses at the moment it felt like she was not making the right choice and I hoped this would have discouraged her from leaving. Right now the rich in Nigeria are crying like the soup opera we saw in those days ‘the rich also Cry’.

Amidst all, my friend shines in all things as she makes difficult situations look undaunting. So the minute she told me she was ready to leave I was not scared for her at all. I usually pick out morals of the lesson from each situation. Lessons learned from this is, never ever be too scared of the unknown. That means asking how will I survive, how will I adjust, how this, and how that. Those precious moments  used in debating in your heart, just say to yourself ‘ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD’. This, I tell you works.

So I am proud of my friend and can’t wait to visit Nigeria to see her again, and for all those who she directly or indirectly made impacts in their lives all I can say is take a cue and make more impacts in other people’s lives like she did.

In order not to bore you with this, I will like to place a kind and humble reminder for you all to read and comment on any of my recent posts(any post In July) as I will select winners at the end of July for the cash price.

I love you all and so have a lovely week ahead

Short people are the greatest in the world, tall people do you agree?

Monday Banter

So to ease up into a new week, I decided to post this topic up, short people are the greatest in the world, true or true? Whats your take, if you are tall is this true, for those on my side “short” I believe this is true tell me what you think?

I initially wanted to write a short story on this but, apparently I have less time to do that, I have decided to hear from you.

Please don’t read and skip without dropping a comment or two. Let’s make this as interesting as possible thank you…

£100 Cash Price for anyone who reads and comments on my blog

Happy New Month Guys. Hope you experience all the goodness July brings. I also pray to have more contents to share with you guys on my blog. I am thinking of doing a give away both cash and gift cards but for some reasons I am stuck, because i do not know how to proceed.

I shall proceed by asking you guys to leave your comments on this post or any recent posts and tell me what you think about my Blog. This  will be open till the end of July and I shall select randomly the winners for the cash Prize.

To add to the New month, my friend welcomed her baby this morning and I was supper excited. I can’t wait to behold the beauty she brought into this world. It’s Amazing how I jump in excitement when I see  babies and cant wait to have mine. They are blessings right?

Anyways I shall be bringing you guys exclusives this weekend…….Please stay tuned…..