£100 Cash Price for anyone who reads and comments on my blog

Happy New Month Guys. Hope you experience all the goodness July brings. I also pray to have more contents to share with you guys on my blog. I am thinking of doing a give away both cash and gift cards but for some reasons I am stuck, because i do not know how to proceed.

I shall proceed by asking you guys to leave your comments on this post or any recent posts and tell me what you think about my Blog. This  will be open till the end of July and I shall select randomly the winners for the cash Prize.

To add to the New month, my friend welcomed her baby this morning and I was supper excited. I can’t wait to behold the beauty she brought into this world. It’s Amazing how I jump in excitement when I see  babies and cant wait to have mine. They are blessings right?

Anyways I shall be bringing you guys exclusives this weekend…….Please stay tuned…..

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Going by the blog name, an Nnewi south breed, Aba brought up, UK poshed up and Heavens Angel.. B.SC Mass communication MA Management (Human Resources) My thoughts your thoughts...... And by the way you will love my thoughts after you've gone through my posts..

17 thoughts on “£100 Cash Price for anyone who reads and comments on my blog”

  1. Hey pam..ur doing a great job..i love all av read in ur blog ..keep up d good wrk..keep making us proud..

  2. Your blog is amazing am really proud of you. I hope you would randomly select me for your cash prize bonanza

  3. Pls find a way of adding likes in your comment section I think it will make your blog different…… Just suggesting though. Kudos dearie.

  4. Yes!! Pam,making waves.. i believe in you. Keeping pushing dear. You have greatness in you. This can only come from a talented,focused and high-spirited individual…and that’s you Pam! It can only get better!!! You go girlie!!!!

  5. Yaaay!! Keep it up Pam, D sky isn’t ur limit but your starting point. Good luck to the winner!!!

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