Short people are the greatest in the world, tall people do you agree?

Monday Banter

So to ease up into a new week, I decided to post this topic up, short people are the greatest in the world, true or true? Whats your take, if you are tall is this true, for those on my side “short” I believe this is true tell me what you think?

I initially wanted to write a short story on this but, apparently I have less time to do that, I have decided to hear from you.

Please don’t read and skip without dropping a comment or two. Let’s make this as interesting as possible thank you…

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17 thoughts on “Short people are the greatest in the world, tall people do you agree?”

      1. Naaa it doesn’ can only be taller than me while am shorter than you…lol you can’t be tall and short at the same time.

  1. We’re all great and beautiful in the eyes of God. Some “short ” people are taking over their various industries.
    It’s all about God and determination, not height.
    I’m not short though….lol

  2. It’s a relative stuff. If someone you see as tall stand close to a much taller person,you see the person as short. So either way,both are still cOol.#teamboth.

  3. Short or Tall both are great. no one chose to be tall or short God made us all. and height doesn’t determine ones achievement in life. Am nt tall n dats coool!

  4. Pls find a way of adding likes in your comment section I think it will make your blog different…… Just suggesting though. @Pampam

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