Depressed weekend

downloadMine was just okay….not the usual weekend I love, but I rested quite well at the end. Meanwhile all through Friday and Saturday, I was depressed, was overly emotional, not calculated. Felt all alone, felt I had no friend, felt dejected but then snapped back as soon as I spoke to few people over the phone. Mmmmh

Please, pay no attention to my moods, as I know some days can be like that but am glad I feel better now. So now fast foward to monday afternoon at work I am sipping some Tazo peppermint tea….lol

imagesSo over to you guys how was your weekend?


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4 thoughts on “Depressed weekend”

  1. As for me…. nothing special happened during the weekend. Just did some laundry and clean ups then chillax all the way.

  2. Mine was just like that…lol..Thank God No Drama.Plenty house work which I wish I could avoid.

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