X rated question about Sex.

sexHi guys, today’s topic is XXX rated, you understand what I mean right?. I have questions to ask. Please be plain, be open, don’t get angry/offended, just answer the questions if you can.

Before my questions, some of us do know what sex is right. I mean Sex between a man and a woman et al. So I had an encounter somewhere and someone had the guts to ask me if I am sexualy active with Mr X. He kept on pressing, on and on for an answer, just to know but I never gave into his antics. I didn’t find the question funny at all.

To be frank I told myself, that’s not a question for an adult. If you want to counsel an adult you don’t go asking an unreasonable question like ‘Are you having sex with him’.

So my question for today is, do you think the question is offensive/inappropriate or is it called for/appropriate to ask an adult.

Also what will be your response to this person and would your countenance change. Let me know what your thoughts are and please keep your comments coming.

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7 thoughts on “X rated question about Sex.”

  1. When two consented adults are dating, it is of cause assume that they are having sex. Even when the question is asked. the person asking has already concluded/ answered the question in his or her mind. So why ask the question you already know/assume the answer. So to me it’s inappropriate. my two cent.

  2. Its nobody’s business who you have sex with. Its a very offensive question. Why does he want to know? Ojiya esi ofe?

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