Happy Birthday to a PDB Reader and a Friend Emma

FB_IMG_1470249353691A very lovely, wonderful and exceptionally different friend like you deserves to be celebrated on your day and every single day. This is just a little way to show the whole world my one and only darling. I hope you Enjoy your day. Stay blessed as always!

Guys please join me in wishing him a berry merry happy birthday…………………..

See his smile!
See his smile!

Welcome August it’s been a while

welcome-august-expecting-you-facebook-coverTruely I have been expecting August like there’s no tomorrow….lol. Hi guys, how have you been, it’s been ages here and am sorry for missing in action.

I will announce the winner of the read and comment challenge later on this week, but for now please let’s catch up. How was July for you, July for me was great. And now am excited for August.

I had a road trip to Bournemouth with few friends on Saturday and it was exciting. There I met someone from my home town in Nigeria and if I had probed him more, he sure might be my cousin or something close lol. It is a small world after all. That’s what I made out it.

We sure had good laughs, reminesed on the past had few J2o’s, I chewed on my ice(bad habit)? , used the rest room countless times, haha ha and also took pictures.



So August is my birth month. I have no plans on what to do, where to go to, how to spend the rest of the day. But I sure know, it’s on a Friday and I will definitely be at work. You can keep the presents and well wishes coming.

Finally I will love you all to share  your write-up’s with us on the blog so we can keep this platform running. If August is your birth month or that of a loved one you can send a picture so we can  wish him/ her a lovely birthday…

Enjoy the rest of your Monday.????????