If a man cheats on you……Boil water!!!!

What do you do if your man cheats on you. This post says it all.

unnamedOftentimes, we cry our eyes out because he/she cheats, flirts and do all sorts. But hey not a single tear can change/make them….Just as it points clearly do what makes you happy, drink tea, cook, sing, dance, sleep etc these might reduce stress.

If this helps, I read a story where a very old lady was dying on her sick bed, and her curious husband had so many questions to ask her. First of all, she had a shoe box up on her closet for years and he never knew what was in it or why she kept going to the closet with a box every now and then. And secondly why she walks out with a box and comes back smiling too. The old lady chuckled and said, she keeps some dolls in there. And he asked what for? She said, “every time you annoy me, rather than shout on you, i go in, knit a doll and keep them in the shoe box” The old man was surprised and she said to him, that’s not all dear. ” The closet was getting full with boxes and I decied to sell the knitted dolls anytime a box is full”

WOW, lol  guys, this is a borrowed story, I probably did not tell it exactly as it was told. But all I can make out from this story is ,rather than act irrationally when things are not rosy in relationships or you are somewhat angry, let us choose to do something productive like the old lady did. This will make our world better………


Be wise!!!


Winners Of The cash Price Challenge for July!

100poundsHi Peeps, I am so sorry for delaying this announcement. Finally I have two people who were constant commenters on my blog in July and I am proud to announce their names.

However, that does not mean others who commented are not qualified to be selected for the cash gift….. Long story short I have Adaeze C and Prudence C as the winners of the challenge. Congrats to both of you and expect my email/sms.

Finally, I will like to say a very big thank you to you all who constantly visit my blog. God bless you. ????????

AdaKizzy 2016| A Beautiful Love Story By The Bride To Be!

Bride to be is an old school mate, a motivational speaker, intellectual writer/ teacher, a blogger (adachianumba.wordpress.com) and above all a Pam d’coque blog Reader. she wishes to share her love story with us so here you go!

Story by Ada:

Let the drums roll! ! !!!!!!  Let the birds sing! !! Remove your shoes and dance with me under the mango tree for I am getting married to the love of my life! (Lols. …  feeling like a poet tonight) Such a sweet sweet muchy curly toes lovely feeling. I feel like am flying over the moon #singing.  The time to dance to Ada Ada Sekem Sekem is almost here…

Finally I am getting married to KIZZY. No be small tory.. In fact Aka Chukwu di naya.

Back in 2006 I was a 100 level Geography student in Alvan where I met my awesome, cute amazing husband to be, he was a 200 level English student.

I saw him for the first time at the handball court during the PEN club meeting, he came to see his paddy paddies Jay and Steve who were members of the club. Did I trip? Y’all know the answer…  We all were hanging out and before I knew it I was getting butterflies in my stomach for him.

If you are Naija you will understand when I say that my guy do me something. He stole my heart away and He never said anything even tho I said plenty things non verbally because he was a chineked somebori. Odiro easy umunnem. Ahurum thirty. Uncle Jay has the full gist.

As an activity, vibrant, very social young university geh,  life got to move on. Down to second year crushing was over but we remained good friends. After University he kept in touch by calling once in a while.
Fast forward June 2015 my phone rang and you know who it was. He called more than once this time and we talked and talked and talked. I began to wonder if he worked with MTN. All these year’s he was tripping in his heart and loving me from afar. He eventually said his mind. Guess what?

I literally told him No, not interested blah blah blah……  By August 2015 we were dating. September 5th 2015 at Steve’s wedding, he called me aside and brought out a ring. For a minute I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was the sweetest surprise of my life.

Come 24th September we will be walking down the aisle and we want you to come celebrate true love with us.


Venue : St Stephen Anglican Church Cathedral Umuahia Abia State.

Note! All things worketh out together for ndi kwere ekwe.

It’s #AdaKizzy 2016

Seeeeeee uuuu there!

Watch:Kids Say the Darndest Things 

Watch Kids say the darndest things, a Nigerian show . This show is really hilarious and goes to show how smart kids are. If you have kids, do you thinks they are smart enough for this type of show? and if you do not have kids yet, do you wish your kids/kid is among the kids in this show.

This TV show, says a lot about African(Nigerian Parents) in this century. You would dread growing up in an African home years back, but right here in the show , you have kids born in this present century express their thoughts and communicate effectively as young as they are. Kudos to parents out there!

I hope you enjoy this TV show as I did and you can watch more Episodes on You Tube. See you on my next post…..Love you…..Kisses