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I have been opportune to be at the labels fashion show two years in a row (2015 and 2016) to watch different designers unravel the creative side of them. Being the first time I would ever grace a fashion show I was somewhat nervous and did’t know what to really expect, although I had in time past seen few clips online on fashion events.This didn’t deter me in anyway to get prepared both in mind and body(what to wear and what to expect).

As a content creator and a blogger, I had gone for the first show very unprepared professionally, I had no work tools at all, at least to capture and document the beautiful event. I didn’t beat myself up because I knew I would be prepared for my next outing in fashionland coming up a year after and would capture the event as much as I wanted and tell my fashion story the way I am doing it now.


Usually as an observer, we hardly know exactly what goes on behind the scenes. Whenever I plan to attend an event, most times I choose the stress free ones. one where I strot about, pass side comments with my partner in gossip and crime, watch, take pictures, comment, laugh, leave and become satisfied or unsatisfied and share pics on instagram and offcourse my blog. This time around, I took a different trajectory from my usual ways because I realized that the organizer had a special type of gift. The virtue of patience and the gift of multi tasking. As we would say no pain no gain, indeed the show was spectacular and the organiser did a great job.

First time ever with a back stage pass at the labels fashion show, the organizers (workforce) were on their toes, with military precision making sure all models were ready just in time for the run way. I got to the show at my african time because my partner in gossip lost his way but in characteristic male fashion blamed traffic and the satnav (i just sneezed BS) arriving moments before the models were ushered in. That was when I saw the show for what it truly is; a masterpiece of creativity and an explosion of brilliance. It was a beehive of activity, everyone doing their bit in this elaborate choreography to make the event a success that it was. I just couldn’t believe how close I was to the thick of things till the CEO of Labels fashion show walk past me putting finishing touches on the models. Gosh! my heart was racing as though I was a model because she mistook me for one (Props to me). Everything was fast paced behind the scene.

Fast forward to October 2016, I was privileged to be there early thanks to partner in gossip and no traffic. I helped set up and appreciated the effort put in organising such an event. Kudos to all who made it possible as everyone that helped out pulled their weight. The models were back stage, having their face beat and hair made while loads of photographers(including myself), bloggers, press men and women, performers and a DJ setting up for the show. It was indeed beautiful, fashion houses were present and it was a nice place for networking and building relationships.


Runways are usually beautiful when a show begins. You would have the opportunity to feed your eyes on different collections and designs presented to you by the designers through their models. With enough being said earlier I would go ahead and present to you some designs captured by me, I hope you enjoy.

Look what I saw, a little princess as a model. Her mum must be proud of her.

Another little princess as model! These little ones impress me.

My best outfit for the show by Preby- the organizer of the show


The organizer’s 2016 collection was sleek, a combination of formal, casual and children wears.Her collection was “flirtatious, simple but elegant” in her own words. Also her designs focuses on feminine silhouettes that reflects strength and confidence. She goes by the name Sylvia and she organizes and runs the labels fashion yearly and she has successful run it for four years now. She has created this platform for bespoke designers to showcase their creatives.

6 featured Designers present at the 2016 show were;

Elizabeth Maza silva

Gingham Dolls

Flora Dezeta

Kwame Koranteng



My experience at the fashion show was nothing short of wonderful, I am grateful for the opportunity to witness first hand how fashion shows are being run. Nothing good comes easy and I saw how determined the organisers were to make the event a success. All hands were on deck, and no stones were left unturned. I could see how proud these designers were at their craft, I could see creativity like I had never seen before. The models were all face beat and they wore their most comfortable outfit which was confidence, if i were to be a model I would go to the moon and back. Photography is another aspect of creativity aside designing. One would think is by pressing the shutter release button on their DSLR cameras or any type camera, but it is not, but I would leave that for another day. The DJ was fantastic and he came with his A game on. Then the spectators really are amazing, they all made the show lively and fun, with their many applauds.

Hope you enjoyed my not so detailed account of the fashion show ………………………….Please leave a comment on the comment section below on your fashion show experience or any other related topic.Cheers!


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