How to create your tomorrow

Have you ever thought of your tomorrow, and you are like scared? If you have please STOP! take a minute or two and ponder on the quote below.

To create your tomorrow, go over your day tonight when you are in bed just before you fall asleep, and feel gratitude for the good moments.

If there was something you wanted to happen differently, replay it in your mind the way you wanted it to go.

As you fall asleep, say, “I will sleep deeply and wake up full of energy. Tomorrow is going to be the most beautiful day of my life.”

Feeling grateful for what you have and giving thanks to God opens up more doors. And thinking positive and calling forth what seems not to be as if they were, will show you how powerful God has made our minds and thoughts to be.

The quote above should be part of your night time recitation and creation of the next day.



Quote by Rhonda Byrne




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