An easy way to prepare Nigerian’s Designer stew/Ayamase a go to dish by Bukie| Watch

I never knew what Ayamase was, never heard of it not to talk of it’s funkified name ‘Designer Stew’ up until I moved to the UK, maybe because I never lived outside the Eastern part of Nigeria. Ayamase or designer stew is a popular dish by the Ijebu Yoruba tribe from the Southwest Nigeria. Now you know the origin of the food……..

Anyways, for food lovers and those whose tastebuds itche for yummy foods, please watch Bukie of ‘the kitchen muse’ as she shows you her recipe and an easy way to make a delicious Yoruba delicacy of Ayamase.

Trust me, once you watch this video I bet this dish will be a go to dish for yourself and visitors!


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PDB Vid: Watch how she transforms her short natural hair into two sleek buns

This is a simple tutorial on how to style your natural hair, it works for permed hair as well. Do check out the video by Youtuber Dumebi Lea and don’t forget to like and subscribe to her channel.

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PDB Vid: Easy Makeup Tutorial for beginners from start to finish by Makeup Artist and Vlogger Dumebi Lea 

Makeup artist and Youtuber Dumebi Lea shares an easy makeup tutorial for beginners from start to finish. If you are in need of makeup tips and do not know how or where to start from, this video is a must watch.

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Three brain tumors and a miraculous healing from God- Julius Agwu via Inspaya

Health is wealth as we know and life is inevitable. These two are in pari passu. A beautiful testimony by Julius Agwu and his wife via Inspaya on Youtube. Please let us not take our health for granted and above all for those who believe and those who are yet to believe, let us appreciate God for our lives every single day we breathe. Thank God for Julius Agwu’s healing and restoration.