Three brain tumors and a miraculous healing from God- Julius Agwu via Inspaya

Health is wealth as we know and life is inevitable. These two are in pari passu. A beautiful testimony by Julius Agwu and his wife via Inspaya on Youtube. Please let us not take our health for granted and above all for those who believe and those who are yet to believe, let us appreciate God for our lives every single day we breathe. Thank God for Julius Agwu’s healing and restoration.


The Fuss about International women’s day

Today being 8 March 2017, I woke up to so many buzz on Facebook about International women’s day. In my mind I didn’t get what it was. So the inquisitive me had to ask one of my best friends who happens to be google what ‘International women’s day(IWD)’ was and why its been largely talked about.

Most times when a topic or happenings around you occur, your mind indirectly flashes to a particular occurrence that you or someone close to you might have encountered in the past or better still stories you’ve had in the past you feel might be related to what is being talked about or celebrated.

With the buzz and fuss, my mind quickly flashed back to ‘Aba women’s riot’ in Nigeria which happened in 1929. My mind also did go to the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ that was released in December 2016. It also flashed to our own Nigerian Novelist Chimamanda Adichie and her most talked about topic ‘Feminism.”

I couldn’t immediately pare or marry these three incidence above to one to make a meaning of the IWD celebrated in most countries in the world today. But however, I did a small research and from what I have gathered so far from Google, IWD simply is ‘a global day celebrating the social,economic,cultural, and political achievements of women.’ How do these three relate?

The Aba women’s riot of 1929 is been marked as historic because these women of different profession especially the traders(Market women) prompted the colonial masters to drop their plans to impose a tax on market women and to curb the powers of the warrant chiefs who were increasingly oppressive. Very bold steps from women of those days and time in Nigeria, I commend them for their achievements and history made.

Secondly the movie ‘Hidden Figures’, this movie made me thank God a lot, for not bringing me into the world at that time. Can you imagine having, ‘Colored waiting room’ ‘Colored rest room’ , colored library, colored this and that. I was so mad, I nearly shade a tear or two, lol. And the segregation went on and on. For this particular movie which was a true life story, I kind of related because directly or indirectly we tend to tilt to what appeals to us or what we are used to.

Good example; when you walk into a room filled with few of your friends and other strangers, who would you feel most comfortable talking to, or staying close to at first? Please think about it. But that not withstanding these ‘colored’ women of same profession ought to have been given same chances and opportunities to show how very competent they were in their field of work or I would say they should have been given same opportunities as the non- colored to shine, well eventually they did. But my quarter cent to the movie is ‘what a shame to the world then’.

To our very own Novelist Chimamanda Adichie, she strikes me as a no nonsense woman, and I love that about her. She is quite controversial with her feminism talk which most people like and do not like. Feminism is just letting our women contribute, establish and achieve not just culturally but politically, economically and personally to the good of the society. Of course we women were born with brains right.

I remember while growing up, whenever we traveled to the village all the kinsmen including my dads many brothers would assemble to the OBI(our convening house for celebrations) to have discussions both meaningful and non meaningful to push the progress of the family, while the head of women(my dad’s elder brother’s wife) gathered her co-wives to the kitchen to cook for these men while they discussed.

These women enjoyed being back stage(the kitchen) cooking for their husbands while the men discussed God knows what. They say ‘society begins at home’ and i would add the progress of the society begins at home with your wife and children. These women including my mum stayed in the kitchen from morning to evening just cooking. Yes most of them were happy with it but I feel the meeting was still incomplete without the women by their husbands side airing their quarter cent to each matter.

I am not saying it was bad cooking for the men, but staying in the kitchen making breakfast, dinner and lunch with or without rest haba nah!. But the good thing was, these men who are my Uncles married professionals ranging from lawyers, to medical doctors, bankers etc, so kudos to them and to my mum who is a super woman. This reminds me of my last conversation with my dad few days ago and he called my mum a ‘go getter’ that made me happy because, i think it dawned on him that he married a bold, energetic and sophisticated woman who knows whats right and goes for what is right both for her and her family.

Also this post won’t be complete without mentioning great minds and women in Nigeria in the likes of Late Mrs Dora Akunyili (then Director general of National Agency for food and drug administration and control NAFDAC of Nigeria, a pharmacist and a government administrator) May her soul continue to rest with God. Mrs Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala( two term finance minister in Nigeria and a former managing director of the world bank), Onyeka onwenu( a Nigerian singer, songwriter, actress, journalist etc who makes impact with her music) Abike Dabiri-Erewa(Making impact in Nigerian politics) Mo Abudu a Nigerian talk show host, TV producer etc making impacts in the media industry) etc.

Finally, I would like to celebrate the women close to me starting with my mum, Mrs Felicia Okoye who I know have made direct and indirect impact to her society, she’s my hero and a super mum, a ‘go getter’ like my dad called her. And also my sister Barrister Ijeoma Okoye, who is bold too and sophisticated making impacts in her profession, a soon to be SAN keep it up dear, Mrs Chinwe Igwe Kalu, soon to be(Mrs) but still Miss Kelechi Ihekweazu, Miss Linda iroegbu my lovely food scientist, Mrs Chinwendu Nwankwo my nurse, Miss Maureen Akomas (who in my mind I call smally ***laughs), Miss Sally Okoye my micro biologist, my humble self your best blogger and media personality and the rest of the women all over the world. Your voices are tools and instrument and your achievements and impacts are what drives the world, please make impacts each day of your life ladies. Remember ladies ‘the world is our oyster’.


I would say Well done Ladies!!!

Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Igwe

Chi-Chi on her traditional wedding day.
Chi-chi and Hubby Charles


Chi-Chi permit me to copy and paste from Facebook exactly how and what your husband feels and said about you.

In his words he said ‘All the words in the world could not even begin to describe how deeply I am in love with you, from the first moment I saw you until the never-ending heartbeat you have given me. You are not only my love, but you are my soul.
Being with you makes me feel like our anniversary is every single day. I have been blessed with you by my side, and I cherish you. I LOVE YOU. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!’

I also celebrate with you and your hubby today, and you both deserve all the goodies/goodness that come with marriage, therefore I and my entire Blog crew wishes you more wonderful, blessed, happy, fulfilled and flourished Anniversary to come.

Lots of Love from me Pam.



Absence from blogging.


Let me start by saying a happy new year to all of you, including myself.

We made it so far and I am so grateful to God. I wasn’t able to wish us a Merry Christmas as well, so I am back dating my wishes to you all.

I have been absent from my blog for so long,so what did I miss? Shout out to Prudence, Adaeze and Chinwe for reaching out to me I really appreciate. Any new updates in your area about life et al please feel free to share in the comment box below as usual and I in return will share some juicy stores.

Cheers guys!


AdaKizzy 2016| A Beautiful Love Story By The Bride To Be!

Bride to be is an old school mate, a motivational speaker, intellectual writer/ teacher, a blogger ( and above all a Pam d’coque blog Reader. she wishes to share her love story with us so here you go!

Story by Ada:

Let the drums roll! ! !!!!!!  Let the birds sing! !! Remove your shoes and dance with me under the mango tree for I am getting married to the love of my life! (Lols. …  feeling like a poet tonight) Such a sweet sweet muchy curly toes lovely feeling. I feel like am flying over the moon #singing.  The time to dance to Ada Ada Sekem Sekem is almost here…

Finally I am getting married to KIZZY. No be small tory.. In fact Aka Chukwu di naya.

Back in 2006 I was a 100 level Geography student in Alvan where I met my awesome, cute amazing husband to be, he was a 200 level English student.

I saw him for the first time at the handball court during the PEN club meeting, he came to see his paddy paddies Jay and Steve who were members of the club. Did I trip? Y’all know the answer…  We all were hanging out and before I knew it I was getting butterflies in my stomach for him.

If you are Naija you will understand when I say that my guy do me something. He stole my heart away and He never said anything even tho I said plenty things non verbally because he was a chineked somebori. Odiro easy umunnem. Ahurum thirty. Uncle Jay has the full gist.

As an activity, vibrant, very social young university geh,  life got to move on. Down to second year crushing was over but we remained good friends. After University he kept in touch by calling once in a while.
Fast forward June 2015 my phone rang and you know who it was. He called more than once this time and we talked and talked and talked. I began to wonder if he worked with MTN. All these year’s he was tripping in his heart and loving me from afar. He eventually said his mind. Guess what?

I literally told him No, not interested blah blah blah……  By August 2015 we were dating. September 5th 2015 at Steve’s wedding, he called me aside and brought out a ring. For a minute I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was the sweetest surprise of my life.

Come 24th September we will be walking down the aisle and we want you to come celebrate true love with us.


Venue : St Stephen Anglican Church Cathedral Umuahia Abia State.

Note! All things worketh out together for ndi kwere ekwe.

It’s #AdaKizzy 2016

Seeeeeee uuuu there!

Amazing Couple!Chinny & Duke’s Pre-wedding Portraite Sessions|ShoeBox Photography

IMG-20160713-WA0010Pam D’coque’s Blog brings you an amazing Pre-Wedding photos of Chinny and Duke shot by ShoeBox Photography.

The couple worked closely with the photographer to achieve these heavenly, mind blowing and breath taken photos. Chinny and Duke’s wedding took place on the 16th and 17th of July 2016. The couple do wish to share their moments with us the blog readers. Enjoy!

A simple way to show I got you babe!
A simple way to show I got you babe!
What a simple way to live...All Smiles
What a simple way to live…All Smiles
Orchestrated in Haven!
Orchestrated in Haven!


~Photographer: Shoebox Photography

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Surprise Party

20160702_220046I woke up with my legs aching guys, I woke up tired and fatigued on Monday morning. Hmmm! Hope you all still remember I promised to share exclusive gist about my weekend? If you did not remember still read on with all enthusiasm and gusto.

My tiredness was as a result of a busy Friday, a restless Friday night and a quick travel to Leeds over the weekend which turned out to be a recipe for knackeredness if there is such a word. My people, a dear friend in whom I am well pleased decided to return to Nigeria from the UK for a reason I will mention much later in this gist and I and a few friends decided to plan a surprise party just so she knows she will be missed. She can’t just decide to stop paying taxes to the queen just like that and we will not make sure she misses us. She didn’t see it coming as I kept my cool and avoided her which was no mean feat. I guess she felt alone and abandoned by the people she called friends but i’m glad to know she felt different by the end of Saturday evening.20160702_212728

Anyways we the committee members (her close pals) made it happen. She was surprised to her bones that she cried all night and for hours Unended, but I refused to join the league, lol. I did the best I could do to cheer her up and stop her from crying, I let her know she still got me as a friend regardless how far we are from each other and I was a call or text away.

Guys, she traveled to get married oh. My friend is moving from the singles and content club to the association of married women. I am happy for her and I wish her well. I know she will make a good wife to her husband and vice versa.

Her decision to leave the UK was not the easiest decision to make as she had built a family here, it was quite hard accepting and coming to terms with the decision she had made. Given that the Nigerian economy is not a bed of roses at the moment it felt like she was not making the right choice and I hoped this would have discouraged her from leaving. Right now the rich in Nigeria are crying like the soup opera we saw in those days ‘the rich also Cry’.

Amidst all, my friend shines in all things as she makes difficult situations look undaunting. So the minute she told me she was ready to leave I was not scared for her at all. I usually pick out morals of the lesson from each situation. Lessons learned from this is, never ever be too scared of the unknown. That means asking how will I survive, how will I adjust, how this, and how that. Those precious moments  used in debating in your heart, just say to yourself ‘ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD’. This, I tell you works.

So I am proud of my friend and can’t wait to visit Nigeria to see her again, and for all those who she directly or indirectly made impacts in their lives all I can say is take a cue and make more impacts in other people’s lives like she did.

In order not to bore you with this, I will like to place a kind and humble reminder for you all to read and comment on any of my recent posts(any post In July) as I will select winners at the end of July for the cash price.

I love you all and so have a lovely week ahead