Our words are seeds, when planted and watered grows to be great. We ( I and my family), started out our year with Psalm 92 and in these verses birthed the theme of the year which is ‘my Year of Flourishing’. Indeed, we have flourished beyond our imaginations and God showed himself to be true. For example, I have in this year been through difficult and challenging times and I pulled through.

First of, I lost my Job on the 9th of February, 2017 while I was nearly in the second trimester of my pregnancy. I was so devastated because I was wondering how I was going to cope without an income in the abroad. But above it all, I pulled through by God’s grace, I coped and I am still coping.

Also, in the cause of my pregnancy they discovered I had a rare genetic disorder, where I have tiny red blood cells. I was so anemic to the point where doctors and midwives who saw me were perplexed at how I wasn’t fainting on the regular. My iron level was so low to the point where I had two Infusions. But to God’s glory,  the red blood cell disorder (Alpha Thalassemia) is not life threatening as such.

Inorder not to flog my not so happy moments in this post, I would be giving a brief highlight of my 2017. 09-01-2017- I lost my Job, 09-07-2017- I had my baby and 01-11-2017- I started my youtube channel, 26-11-2017- my baby got baptised/christened, and 31-12-2017- I am typing comfortably on my bed with a grateful heart.

Lastly,  I would love to bring new dimensions to my blog posts. Firstly, I will change my blog name from ‘pam d’coque’s blog’ to ‘Pamokoye’s blog’. Secondly, instead of random stories that I usually tell on my blog, my stories would center mainly on my son and I. Thirdly, as I now have a Youtube channel(Pamela Okoye) and a blog, I would try as much as possible to be consistent with my posts come 2018.


I love you all, see you in 2018 and remain in GOD!