Thula Sizwe – One of our vocal warm up song/chant in FGGC Umuahia taught by Uncle Okey

I have really searched for this nice melody for a very long time, but today I stumbled upon it on YouTube, Praise God.

I have a question for you all. Do you sometimes find yourself loving songs sang in other languages, do they actually take you to another realm. I do, I actual find it strange but am used to it.

Please listen to this beautiful melody and lyrics below. Also, if  you are in a musical group or Choir and you are watching this, you can actually use this as a voice /vocal warm ups.




Video Source: You Tube

Thula Sizwe(Lyrics)


Thula Sizwe,ungabokhala

Ujahova wakho uzokunqobela


Inkululeko, Inkululeko

Ujahova wakho uzokunqobela



Be still nation, don’t cry

Your Jehovah will conquer for you

Freedom, Freedom

Your Jehovah will Conquer for you